Returning Campers: Saturday, February 8th at 9am-Online Only
New Families: Saturday, February 15th at 9am-Online Only

Key things to know before you enroll!
This year enrollment is again automated. You will not be printing out
an application or mailing it in. We will receive it online.

1. Have your 2nd and 3rd choices of groups (for Art Camp 101, 5-7 year old program) or workshops (Upper Camp, 7-11 year old program) ready to go before you begin the enrollment process. This is VERY important.
Discuss those choices
with your child beforehand.

2. If you are enrolling as a "Friend of a Returning Camper", you will be
able to enroll on Satuday, February 15th at 9am.

3. Know your child's shirt size. Art Camp 101 campers will receive their group's camp T-shirt automatically. Upper Campers may order a T-shirt for $14.

4. This year, camp tuition may be paid by credit card or check.
We do not accept American Express.

5. We do prorate tuition ONLY if you tell us at the time of registration. If you know what days you'll be mssing leave that note for us at the end of the application under, "Notes for Directors".
There will be no makeup days for absences or for days missed, if you don't let us know at the time of registration. Parents are financially responsible for all days that their teen has registered to attend otherwise. There will be no prorating of tuition for missed days due to sickness or travel.

6. Should you withdraw from our summer program prior to June 1st 2020, you will receive a full refund minus a $100 cancellation fee PER teen PER session enrolled. A session can be defined as one of the four following blocks:
Session One: MWF, Session One: TTH, Session Two: MWF, or Session Two: TTH.
After June 1st 2020 there will be
NO refunds - NO exceptions.

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